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When Commercial Carpet looks terrible after cleaning

Major Flaws with Commercial Carpet Cleaning- What Makes It Look Terrible?

When you are in commercial carpet cleaning, you perhaps manage some 2,000 square feet of worn out and dirty carpets, that also on a regular basis. Carpets which come to you, are in disastrous condition and you hope to give your best professional service in repairing the rugs, and taking proper care to retain its lost quality and look. However, while doing so, you might not receive the favorable outcome; rather encounter situations where carpets look worse than before (when it was brought to you).

Common Scenario of Dealing with Commercial Rugs

Most commercial carpet cleaning units follow a common practice, and you being one of them, would probably do the same. When the carpets are brought to you; at first, you pre-vacuum them. After that, you apply your pre-conditioner, and leave your carpet for 15 minutes to soak in the conditioner. Finally, you rinse the mat with very hot water.

Quite often, you might not be happy with the outcome, and then you start cleaning your carpets again. Even after re-cleaning, rugs appear terrible. Nevertheless, you dry your carpet only to find out that it looks hell, the very next day.

While you wonder investing good amount of time, effort, and cleansing products to finely wash and clean your carpets, you get no productive result. Not to miss, the grudges of your clients; which follows thereafter. Therefore, you realize that you are a perfect misfit in this sector and have not been able to master the art of commercial carpet cleaning.

Where did you go wrong?

First, you must understand that commercial carpets are way different than residential. Rugs in commercial sectors have frequent traffic, which is why, these are tightly constructed, has high quantity of olefin fibers, and have low-level loops. Due to the tight loop construction, commercial mats are able to withstand high amount of soil and dirt, which goes under the loops and finally gets trapped in between the fibers, thus, making it difficult for you to remove.

Frequent vacuuming eliminates larger soil and dirt particles. Since commercial sectors don’t schedule their carpet cleaning on a regular basis, therefore all the dirt and stain gets accumulated on the olefin fibers, and finally forms a layer. As a result, carpets appear dull and patches of dirt become visible.

Just washing and cleaning won’t provide any solution to the severe damage. Therefore, once-a-while cleaning makes no sense. Also, commercial mats look soiled, which happens from “graying” and “yellowing” of oily soils, as they remain trapped within the olefin fibers. Even regular rug cleaning won’t eliminate this kind of dirt and soil.

How to solve the issue?

The very first step through which you can address this problem is by using a cylindrical or rotary brushing system, which will work in your pre-conditioner, and provide more productive results. Then, you must apply the pre-conditioners to the soiled areas within the carpet. For smaller particles, oxygen boosters are best recommended, and if combined with the rinsing agent or the pre-conditions, you can get marvelous results. Apart from treating the minute soil particles, the oxy boosters act as a safe bleaching agent, and help to remove yellowing and graying. However, if you are using powdered oxygen boosters, which has high pH, your carpet will be in an alkaline condition. As a result, it will get soiled quite fast, and absorb dirt from your shoes. In order to prevent this, you need to first rinse the carpet in alkaline cleaner and again rinse it with acid.

At the same time, you must pay attention to the amount of heat used in the cleaning process. Higher heat will result in more chemical reaction. Pre-conditioning and rinsing mats with an encapsulation solution helps you to hide wicking and also allows sufficient vacuuming to eliminate all soils.

If you don’t prefer using encapsulation solution, another way is to post-spray an anti-wicking agent into the mats. Anti-wicking agents possess the encapsulation features, which traps all dirt, stains and soil within the polymer agent, and limits wicking.


While taking up a commercial carpet cleaning project, try and understand the requirements of the carpets. Not all carpets have the same problem, which is why; you must customize solutions, based on core issues. While doing your job, also ensure that you have all the required tools, equipment and cleaning agents like detergents, rinsing agents, oxy boosters, encapsulation chemicals and agitation tools for successful completion of cleaning mats.