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Few Myths or Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Myths and Misconceptions

There are many myths that have persistently been buzzing around in the carpet cleaning industry, which makes many consumers ambiguous about the positives and negatives of regular and professional carpet cleaning. We are a fully insured & verified carpet cleaners. We have modern cleaning equipments and well trained professionals available in the market. And here, we will make you know the myths and truth behind the carpet cleaning process. Let’s have a look at some of the myths and misconceptions threaded around carpet cleaning:

Myth 1 – Steam cleaning takes it too long to dry

A buoyant carpet cleaning myth revolves around the myth that it takes several days for carpets to clean. But it is too old fashioned to think like that. The fact is in fact that many service providers in the carpet cleaning industry use very obsolete, ineffective and poor instruments when it comes to steam carpet cleaning. With our robust top of the steam carpet cleaners range, we are able to soak up more moisture from the carpet unlike other poor equipments that are used by other operators and which further makes carpet cleaned from steaming too prolonged to dry. However, with powerful steaming machines your carpet will only need about 5 to 7 hours to be dry out completely. Drying time may vary to a maximum of 24 hours during winters or rainy days.

Myth 2 – Steam carpet cleaning leads to carpet shrinkage

It is assumed that carpets, specifically the woolen carpets get shrink after cleaning. However, it is not true or common and the issues of shrinking only take place when carpets are wet for some days; this can also happen when the technician uses poor or superannuated equipments which leaves a good amount of moisture still sustained in your carpet. As mentioned, it is the powerful technical equipments of steam carpet cleaning that can hinder the risk of shrinkage like a truck mount machine. The powerful carpet steam cleaners are able to soak up a great amount of moisture from inside the carpet enabling it to dry faster and avoiding the occurrence of shrinking.

Myth 3 – carpet cleaning makes the carpet stinky and sweaty

Most often when carpets are not thoroughly cleaned and not all moisture is taken off completely due to improper machinery, stinky smell causing bacteria starts to multiply in the fibrils of your carpet. When this happens your carpet will smell like fungus and mustiness. Stickiness occurs when the carpet cleaning operator ceases to remove the cleaning detergents from the carpet fibrils, and it’s left over in your carpet fibres gets dry, thus making the fibres sticky and start to attract more dirt to themselves. However, before you go by the myth, you must know to have your carpets steam cleaned again, as it prevents your carpet from developing odour causing bacteria. With the resilient suction, it is able to extract out more cleaning detergents and moisture thoroughly from your carpets. Using a specialized neutralizing treatment also helps make your carpet fibres more pH balanced, softer and thus breaking off the long heard myth.

Myth4: Bleach washes away pretty much anything from your carpet

Red Chili sauce? Red wine stain? Oil spills? Food spills? You think Bleach is an ultimate solution to clean your carpet off as Bleach may appear like an all-purpose cleaner. But to clear the air here, applying bleach to clean your carpet can cause detrimental damage to the carpet’s fabric, fibrils, even when the carpet itself is white.

Practically, bleach is not a cleaner. It is actually a disinfectant that works great in destroying germicides, bacteria and removing stains, but is not really effective in the removal of stubborn stains, dirt or oil from your carpet.

Cleaning carpets or other stuff with bleaching agents might seem like the simplest way to get your upholstery clean, but it is probably causing more damage than cleaning. If your carpet is massively stained, ask for a professional cleaner’s help and keep the bleach for where it belongs.

Myth5: Cleaning the carpet deteriorates the fabric

Another consistent misconception: Cleaning your carpets readily damages the fabric. There has been a buzz amongst many households and even commercial users that frequent carpet cleaning also causes premature carpet ageing. And just like carpets taking countless days to dry, it is a myth that has occurred and thanks to people not cleaning their carpets thoroughly.

Understand it like this, just as your underclothes or clothes are produced to bear being washed daily or on alternate days of use, similarly your carpet is also manufactured in a way to bear cleaning. In fact, cleaning prolongs the lifespan of your residential carpeting by extracting dirt, dust, particles, stains and other crude materials that cause wear.

However, if you make use of strong chemicals to clean your carpet or go too much with the scrubbing, there are chances of damaging your carpet. Conversely, with the appropriate machinery and techniques, there is no chance leading to any lasting damage to your carpet or fabric due to cleaning.

Myth6: the more soap, the cleaner the carpet

This particular cleaning myth is not just restricted to carpets, but almost all objects of cleaning, even applies to a human body. People have a myth that the more soap or detergent you use, the cleaner the carpet gets. The rationale behind this misconception appears to be sound, but like most cleaning myths, it is 100% wrong.

Soap’s cleaning power emerges from its potential to interact with water and remove stains and dirt particles from your carpets. Using more soap without using abundant of water just states you have got more soap residue to wash – and the left over is not an easy task to get away with.

When you’re cleaning a carpet, overdoing with either soap or water is not a good idea as an overly wet carpet can take longer to clean, and if soap leftover remains in the fiber after it get dry it could result in lasting damage.

Myth7: Self carpet cleaning works similarly as professional

From tomato sauce to juice spills, it is wrecking to clean everything you throw and the bad stain you get. In order to remove it, many people make use of regular detergent powders and water to remove a carpet stain, but the reality is that it is far from fixing the problem and can actually only make the stain uglier.

If your carpet has got some bad staining that is unable to be removed with basic cleaning, then call an equipped carpet cleaner instead applying out the harsh chemicals by yourself.

The problem is when you try removing serious stains on your own, you risk letting them settle inside the carpet and stay. Avoid spoiling an otherwise nice carpet by calling up a cleaner at first possible opportunity.

Myth8: Vinegar-water solution is a best disinfectant to get rid of germs better off than the other cleaners

This is a common DIY cleaning myth. While vinegar solution can help get rid of guck as well as mustiness off surfaces, this does not kill all bacteria. Vinegar may be good under some conditions, but wasteful in others. Therefore, it is essential to select the cleaning product wisely, particularly on the things that you will be cleaning.

MYTH 9: Carpet cleaning by steaming method leaves the carpet crunchy and hard

Crunchy and hardened carpets are an outcome of the steam carpet cleaning technician failing to remove the cleaning solution deeply from your carpet and thus leaving your carpet fibers with an unbalanced pH level. While some operator’s efficiency ruin the results of the most effective carpet cleaning technique, we have included a neutralization process as part of our steam carpet cleaning process, which leaves your carpet soft and balanced.

MYTH 10: New sofas and mattresses do not demand cleaning.

A majority of homeowners think that sofas and mattresses that have not been in use for long do not require cleaning. However, it is not true as they too are prone to catch dirt even after the installation. Also, when new sofas and mattresses stay for long without cleaning, they collect excessive dirt which not only depreciates their quality but also make them look old. Regular cleaning makes them look fresh and new like always even after wear n tear for years.

It would be wise to hire a reputable cleaning company to clean your carpet, sofas and mattresses on routine basis. A good company should be the one that has the potential of providing quality, upgraded solutions and cost effective cleaning services to its clients.