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Services: Carpet Cleaning in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi

Are you looking for a high quality carpet cleaning service for your property or business in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We are into business since 2010 and since then we have earned lot of reputed clients. We are providing Carpet Cleaning Services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Faridabad and serving MNCs, Offices, Residential and Commercial Properties situated in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad & Delhi. We are in demand among our clients due to best quality, strict schedules, on time delivery, professionalism & economical prices.

If you are in need of a trusted carpet cleaning service for your property, then we will be glad to work with you in any area of Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad & Delhi. We are a professional cleaning services company with expertise in quality carpet cleaning around Delhi & NCR. Our well trained staff have years of experience in providing quality cleaning with great care and attention in every property. Our services are available in all areas of Delhi & NCR for both domestic and commercial premises and we can come and visit your premises to conduct an evaluation to offer a free quote.

quality carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning Services in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi & Faridabad by Star Cleanco

Initial Stage

When you order our service, we will conduct an initial evaluation of the carpet cleaning requirements at your property. This will mean assessing the severity of the stains to determine the cleaning equipment and solutions required. After the evaluation we will advise you of the expected results.

The solutions and equipment used will be carefully chosen to ensure that there is no damage to the carpet, during the carpet cleaning process. Our staff has been well trained to ensure that every job is treated with great care and attention.

Contact us for a no obligation assessment of your carpet cleaning requirements. We carry out both domestic and commercial cleaning at affordable prices. Our services can be supplied on a regular basis, in line with your needs. We can cater for specific cleaning schedules and times in accordance with your needs. We offer flexible working hours and can accommodate most cleaning times to suit domestic property and commercial property cleaning needs.


Carpet as we all are aware of is a textile floor covering that has a ‘pile’ attached to its upper layer. The pile is made either of wool or from handmade material like polypropylene. Carpets are used in homes and offices to enhance or highlight the place and also for keeping it warm. Carpet word is derived from Italian word “carpire”. Earlier carpets were used as covers for tables and walls later on it was invented for floor carpeting. Carpets can be made by hand knitting, machine made, felt wool and tufted method. Purchasing good quality carpet can help in maintaining it with carpet cleaning services.

Carpets can be divided into numerous types depending onthe fiber used, design and their weaving techniques, but here we will divide it into 5 types to make you understand about them and also about the carpet cleaning services.

  1. Woven carpets
  2. Needle felt
  3. Knotted
  4. Tufted
  5. Others
  1. Woven carpets: these types of carpets are produced on loom just like other woven fabrics. For a woven carpet usually many coloured yarns are used for preparing different patterns from already set design work. Woven carpets are usually expensive because preparing this takes a lot of time. Woollen carpet is usually used in areas where there is high moisture and thus they offer not only durability but also elegance.
  2. Needle felt: this type of carpet is produced with the help of new advanced technologies. These carpets are very durable because they are made by combining and handling the synthetic fibers individually with the help of barbed as well as forked needles. Needle felt carpets can usually be seen at hotels and restaurants.
  3. Knotted Pile: these carpets are also called as supplementary weft cut-loop pile carpet. These are luxurious carpets because knotting by hand is widely known all over the country.
  4. Tufted: in such carpets the piles are injected inside the backing material that is attached automatically to the secondary backing that is prepared by woven sacks that provides stability. For achieving different texture the pile is later on trimmed as per the requirement. These carpets are usually seen in homes and their carpet cleaning services used here are also very minimal.
  5. Others: other than the above mentioned carpet types, there are still many remaining like flat weave carpets that includes saumak, tapestry weave etc.

Potential Risk due to Dirty Carpets

Carpet cleaning services are a necessity, because a dirty carpet at home can harm your loved one's health wise, they may get unhealthy because of dust that accumulated in the carpet. An unclean carpet can even disturb the entire working environment by effecting atmosphere and health of employees working in the office. Employees may fall ill and thus their potential of supplying completed work may also degrade because of the medical leaves that they take. In simple terms it can affect business due to decrease in productivity. Thus, it is important to avail carpet cleaning services as soon as the carpets get dirty.

Cleaning carpet for removing, dust, stain, sand and allergens can be performed by traditional as well as modern methods. Cleaning carpets at required interval, help a lot in increasing the life of your carpet and maintaining in beauty as well.Carpets that are used frequently should be cleaned thoroughly through qualified technician of the best carpet cleaning service providers. Untidy, rugged carpets at home destroys the look and feel of the house and are unhealthy as well. Green technologies in comparison to other modern technologies are easier to handle and need almost no training for the maintenance of carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Some common methods of cleaning carpets are dry cleaning, shampooing, foam cleaning, hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning. Before going through any of these methods the all types of carpets are firstly thoroughly vacuumed.

  1. Dry cleaning carpet is preferred the most because in this case there is no need of waiting for carpets to dry. The carpet is first covered up with special cleaning powder that attracts dirt like a magnet. Once the powder does its workt, the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly.
  2. Shampooing is a method that is used by very few people because it gives a very limited results. Detergents especiallymade for carpets are applied and agitated with the machine. Later on the shampoo is vacuumed out from the carpet. The detergents brighten and deodorizes the carpet so that they look and smell good, but microbes along with dirt stay in the carpet that later reappears after some time.
  3. Foam Cleaning is a method that came out as a result of amalgamation of shampooing and dry cleaning. In this method a very little amount of water is used along with foam detergent that is developed for attracting dirt and soil. After foam does its work, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed for taking out excess water, dirt and detergents.
  4. Steam Cleaning or Hot water extraction is the best method of cleaning carpet. Carpet cleaning services opt for this method, with the help of machines they inject hot water solution in the carpet along with detergents. This mixture is then forcefully extracted by a machine that removes soils, dirt, microbes and leaves the carpet looking and smelling as good as new.
  5. Bonnet carpet cleaning services are largely provided in commercial buildings because it does not give the same effect to the residential homes. The main purpose of the bonnet is to restore industrial carpeting instead of deep cleaning. This method may damage the fabric or fiber that is used for home carpets. For restoring carpet chemical detergent is applied to the carpet with permeable pad on the revolving shampoo machine to extract dirt and soil away.

Results after Carpet Cleaning

After the carpets are cleaned thoroughly, every individual from any sector must feel that their carpet should be smelling good and look like its brand new fresh carpet. Dirt, soil and microbes must be extracted out from the carpet during the cleaning phase. If the maintenance is not appropriately done, then there are chances that you find your carpet with wet spots of bleach, shading, discoloration, textile insects and damages.

Precautions after Carpet Cleaning is done

Carpets take time to dry and that’s usual. Drying may take the relative amount of time depending upon several factors. Dry passes removes moisture from the carpet, but still some time is still required for drying the carpets. Carpet cleaning services provided by the person/company will guide you and assist you in drying the carpets. Before moving your furniture it is very important that the carpet first dries so that it stains do not appear on the carpet because of wooden or metal furniture. Contact between metal and wet carpet are responsible for creating stains, thus it is important that the carpet is dry before the furniture is moved on.

If there are no pets in the surrounding then the odour after dry cleaning may not arise at times, but after removing the pet stains residual odour sometimes arises that may last for few hours. After 24 hours of cleaning the carpet, you can detect if there is any odour coming from the carpet. You can freely discuss about the any issues with the carpet cleaning service providers. If the cleaning is perfect with no odour, then you have a cleaned carpet that smells good.

Few suggestions to keep your Carpets Clean and Dirt Free

It is suggested by the carpet cleaning service providers that every week vacuuming must be done so that your carpet may remain clean for a long time and deep cleaning of carpets must be performed after every 12 months. The carpets that are used frequently must be deep cleaned with the help of carpet cleaning service providers at least once a year, whereas the carpets that are not used frequently may be cleaned at little longer intervals.

Carpets at home where people suffering from allergies or respiratory problem or if there is any pet around, in this case one must opt for detailed carpet cleaning twice or thrice a year.