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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Carpets make your life more standard and comfortable. They come in different materials, designs, and themes, and also reflect upon your choice. While some carpets have a classical look and appeal, others are noted by the contemporary designs. Whatsoever your carpet might be, you put in lot of effort and face a hard time in cleaning and maintaining your wonderful carpets. And, while you take the toll of washing your carpets, are you confident that you don’t commit any mistakes?

Well, unknowingly you do so. While you clean your carpets, there are lots of mistakes that you are unconscious about. Here, we shall discuss the most common errors that most people perform, as they clean-up their favorite carpets, and how can they solve them.

  1. Excess Shampooing: The most common mistake is over-shampooing. Either people use excess quantity of shampoo or they don’t give sufficient time to wash their carpets completely. As a result, soapy residue builds up within the carpet, and gradually develops a layer, which later attracts all kinds of stain and dirt. In most cases, the dirty layers so formed, are difficult to clean and manage. Therefore, while pouring shampoo on the carpet, you must watch out the amount of shampoo or cleansing agent that you are using, and wash your carpets to prevent the formation of any residue.

  2. Excess Wetting: It happens when excess amount of water soaks into the bottom layer of your carpet. If carpets get too wet, some backing substances simply discolor the carpet and make it fade. Over-wetting also causes some carpets to shrink, and tear from the floor, all by itself. While cleaning your carpets, ensure that you don’t wet the backing and pad and invite risks of mold and mildew.

  3. Inability to Protect Wet Carpet from Furniture: When your furniture comes in contact with wet carpets, you get stains. There are different kinds of wooden furniture which starts releasing dyes in their stain, as they come in contact with your wet carpets. You may also have furniture, where the feet are made of metal. These metals often rust, and leave a tinge on wet carpets.

  4. Using Non-Branded Cleaning Agents: Well, it’s a serious mistake. With lot of carpet cleaning substances, you might opt for the cheapest ones, thinking that you have made the best deal. However, those products might not be credible and reliable enough to work on your carpets, and at the end, all you get is discoloration, reduced quality and beauty. Before applying your cleansing agents in your carpets, you can take small amount and apply them at the corner of your room or just under your rug. If you see that it works well, you can blindly trust it. It is also recommended to choose such products by brands since most brands give an assurance.

  5. Using Deodorizing Powder: Another common mistake is the use of deodorizing powder to clean carpet spills. These powders aren’t designing for cleaning up spills, and should ideally be used after eliminating stain. Also ensure that you don’t put excess amount of powder on your carpets as most vacuum cleaners won’t take out all the powder, and it results in a buildup within the carpet fibers.

  6. Scrubbing Carpet Stain: In an attempt to eliminate dirt and stains, a common tendency is to scrub out the stains, that too in a hard-and-fast way. No doubt that you successfully remove the tinge, however, while you apply too much effort, your carpet untwists, and the fibers fade, and all of this poses permanent damage to the rugs. An ideal way to get rid of stain is to use a spoon and scrap it up, as much as possible, and then blot the stain by using a towel. Once the moisture is absorbed, you can use a stain remover.